Have you ever considered just how sexual a female’s foot can be?  If you haven’t then this session is for you.  Female Foot Fantasy will give you four great reasons why you love her feet and how her feet are just the beginning of the end for you :)  Intrigued?  You will be.. Very intrigued!  For the full purchase, visit hypnofantasydownloads.

Who’s up for a game of orgasm roulette with me?  For the full purchase, visit hypnofantasydownloads.

Welcome to my private bedroom. Be prepared to meet the other Liv, the Wild Liv. Not for the faint of heart… For the full purchase, visit hypnofantasydownloads.

Kiss from an Angel was intented as a gift to all my fans. It’s a special little session that will likely boost your confidence, give you energy and hopefully make you feel special. For the full purchase, visit hypnofantasydownloads.

5 minute preview to ‘Enhanced Pleasure Trigger’. Ever wanted to experience multiple orgasms? Be prepared for an intense training session. Eventually your subconcious mind will decide whether you ejaculate or injaculate. For the full purchase, visit hypnofantasydownloads.

Here’s a preview to ‘Female Form Fascination’, for all of you who adore and admire sexy women and love to be teased and pleased. For the full purchase, visit hypnofantasydownloads.

Now out, my latest erotic hypnosis session ‘hypnotic bind’ for men in which I hypnotically bind you in place and tease you for almost an hour. I’ve included a 5 minute preview. For the full purchase, go to hypnofantasydownloads where you can purchase the CD directly and download it right away.

2 thoughts on “Media

  1. icetiger1227 says:

    Dear Liv,
    What a wonderful find for the hypnofantasy community, Your very first attempt at the erotic hypnosis is an amazing wonder.
    The delivery of the story or fantasy is spoken at such a perfect rate that the mind is able to absorb not only the words but the feelings and emotions.
    Your annunciation is perfect, the clarity allowing the flow and ebb of eroticism to slowly manifest itself and conquer every nerve, fiber and muscle of the listener, placing them on the wave of pleasure, directed by Your confidence.
    Thank You

    • mytoy1947 says:

      i agree with everything you have just said about Liv. She is real find for those of us in the Hypnofantasy world, for all of us to enjoy.

      Mistress Liv thank You so much for doing this fantastic file for all of us.
      Kind regards,
      My toy.

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