Spontaneous Erection Tease

Yes.. that’s right, I’m back with a new session. A nice opportunity to brainwash that little mind of yours into having spontaneous erections, on my command. You do like a good hard-on, dont you? I just LOVE playing games with you… creating this session for you has made my day… simple, but loads of fun. Enjoy…  Listen to a preview or get it here


Enhance Pleasure Trigger

This is more of a training session aimed at stimulating multiple powerful, strong, long-lasting orgasms. Hmmmm :) Check out the 5 minute video preview, now on youtube http://youtu.be/rvOXV82mB7I. I’m also pleased to announce that I should be releasing a new session nearly every week (thursday/friday) because I know you love being teased by me on a regular basis…

If you think you can handle the torturous pleasure of being taken to the edge only to suffer my cruel denial, I might have a little surprise for you in the coming weeks.

Female Form Fascination

I’m thrilled to announce that after a long, well deserved vacation, I’ve been working hard to provide you with a new session that will tease you like never before. Female Form Fascination is now out! You can listen to a five minute preview right here on my site (go to media), and of course if you want to hear more, you can purchase the full session on hypnofantasydownloads.com.

Now because I love to play with your little minds, I’m already looking forward to the next session and I’d like to hear from YOU what it takes to send you into another dimension and burst with erotic pleasure. Send me an email (liv_wilde@hpynofantasy.com) with your wildest fantasies and desires, and just maybe… I’ll be making a custom session, just for you.

Welcome, pleasure seekers

Hello there… as you may already know, I am Liv Wilde, the meme of tease and denial. This is my very first post on my new blog, and I’m going to let you in on a few ‘behind the scenes’ details about the real woman behind the erotic voice. If you haven’t already listened to my latest session ‘hypnotic bind‘, I strongly urge you to do so…
I’ve always been described as a wild, seductive tease, and with the help of Bob, my dreams are now becoming reality: sharing my naughty desires, my passion and my erotic voice with people who share my fantasies and long to be teased…Men and women..
My first session, ‘hypnotic bind’ was a delight, to put it lightly. I have never before had SO much fun in my studio… If you can only imagine…. I’m hoping it will excite you, get your heart pounding, and your body sweating and aching with desire. And if it does, I’d like to hear it from you personally… I get most of my excitement from your pleasure.
I’m longing for my next session already.  What would you like my erotic voice to whisper into your ears? How would you like to be teased next?